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Anyone with a blog is under the  impression that the things they write are of some importance. We too are under such an impression.
According to Robert Putnam in his book Bowling Alone (2000), “computer mediated communication so lowers the threshold for voicing opinions that, like talk radio, it may lead not to deliberation, but to din.” While we here at the Princeton Microfinance Organization may only be exacerbating the imbalance between talking and listening that has become a feature of Internet based discourse, we aim to raise questions, challenge ideas and facilitate informed, scholarly dialogue that will hopefully produce awareness and even change.

The issue of microfinance is a hot one. There are questions as to its applications, its various impacts, and the conditions that facilitate its use. Furthermore, there are broad questions regarding international development, the challenges it presents and our role in making it happen.

This blog will serve as an intermediary between scholarship, policy and advocacy. We aim to have consistent updates on the world of microfinance and global development. We aim to promote scholarship and discussion–ultimately, informed awareness.

Welcome to the Princeton Microfinance Organization’s blog!


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