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PMO at the Penn ConferenceThanks to the Microfinance Club at the University of Pennsylvania for holding a great conference.

We had a great time!

The conference, entitled “Microfinance on the Move: The Road Ahead,” was held on April 3, 2009 and offered numerous keynote speakers and panel discussions that PMO heading to Penn MFCinvolved some of the leading microfinance experts from various areas of the field.

To learn more about the Penn Microfinance Club or their annual conference, please visit the Penn MFC website.

PMO looks forward to attending again next year!

Here’s a writeup on the conference from one of our members:

One issue on the tip of many people’s tongues was how the current credit crisis has affected microfinance institutions.  It was conceded that some funding from financial investors had dried up.  However, that many who invest in microfinance are interested in more than returns was cited as a factor working in the favor of microfinance institutions in this poor economic climate.  In other words, people’s consciences apparently prevailed over their pocketbooks during these trying times in the often-made decision to keep the microfinance portion of their portfolio.  It is also important to note, though, that microfinance’s returns have held up well, possibly due to the industry’s relative detachment from finance at large.  Regardless of the motivation behind the continued investment in microfinance, the industry has demonstrated resilience in the face of a credit-crunch.  An unanswered question that remains, though, is whether investment would continue if the returns of microfinance were to flag.


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Some photos from “The Green Ladder Out of Poverty,” a highly informative lecture delivered today by Betsy Teutsch of GreenMicrofinance, LLC.

For more information on this or any other PMO lecture, visit our events page!

See you at Penn tomorrow!
Also, look forward to a report from the Penn Microfinance Conference.



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April 2, 2009

4:30 – 6:00 pm
Robertson Bowl 002

The Green Ladder Out of PovertyBetsy Teutsch - Poster
Betsy Teutsch

Speaker Profile…

Betsy Teutsch is the Communications Director of Green Microfinance, a non-profit organization that works to address climate change and environmental justice by providing education and sharing knowledge on ‘microfinance and climate change’ and ‘clean energy for the poor’.

Find out how…

Microfinance can be used to empower the poor, enabling leadership at a grassroots level, and bringing about socioeconomic benefits, while addressing climate change and promoting environmental justice.

For more information, please visit GreenMicrofinance.org

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Princeton Microfinance Organization presents:

“The Green Ladder Out of Poverty: Accessing Clean Tech Through Microfinance”

Discussion with Betsy Teutsch of Green Microfinance

Event details are as follows:

Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009
4:30 pm
Robertson Bowl 002

How microfinance empowers the poor, enables leadership at a grassroots level, and brings about socioeconomic benefits is widely documented. Fewer people know, however, that this revolutionary invention also alleviates environmental problems, and it is this aspect of microfinance that the lecture will address.

Our speaker Betsy Teutsch is the Director of Communications at GreenMicrofinance.org, a hybrid social for-profit business as well as non-profit, which utilizes microfinance to address climate change and promote environmental justice. She is also a prolific Judaica artist, the founder of Philadelphia’s www.PhillyFreeCycle.org and the Mt. Airy Greening Network. Her blog, http://www.moneychangesthings.blogspot.com/ has featured many articles which discuss the relationship between sustainability and microfinance.

After the presentation, Ms. Teutsch will be staying for an informal dinner discussion catered by Thai Village. If you’d like to attend, please email Ting-Fung at tfchan@princeton.edu.

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Register here for the Penn Microfinance Conference.

Remember, when registering, PMO members should list “Princeton Microfinance Organization” as their affiliation.

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